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Frederick Smith Blackadar Lieutenant Commander United States Naval Reserve Force SS Stanta Clara (US Troop transport) September 16, 1878 Hebron, Yarmouth Co., Nova Scotia March 10, 1918 New York, US Brooklyn, NY 39 Married Sea Captain Baptist June 8, 1919 September 26, 1958 80 Church of the Nativity Cemetery Sandy Cove, Digby Co., NS Frederick Smith Blackadar, born in Hebron, Yarmouth Co., was the son of Benjamin Blackadar (1853-1881) and Annie Laura (Crosby) Blackadar (1858-1926). Benjamin Blackadar, a showmaker by trade, was born in Ohio, Yarmouth Co., NS and Annie Laura (Crosby) Blackadar was born in Hebron, Yarmouth Co., NS. They were married at Hebron on June 14, 1876. In 1881, the family was living in Sandy Cove, Digby Co., NS. Frederick was two years of age. Frederick became a naturized citizen of the United States in 1912 and serving as a sea Captain. He was the father of Thomas Read Backadar (1917-1944) who served with the Air Forces Far East, U.S. (Army Air Force Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron). A prisoner of war, he was lost at sea when the Arisan Maru was sunk enroute to Japan. Following his enlistment in WWI service he was assigned duty in the commission of the USS Santa Clara and appointed duty on board as Commanding Officer. SS Santa Clara, a single-screw, steel-hulled freighter was built during 1913 was chartered by the United States Army on 28 October 1917 for voyages to the European war zone and given a Naval Armed Guard. The SS Santa Clara was acquired by the Navy on 17 September 1918 from the Grace Line of New York, and commissioned on 12 October 1918 at Baltimore, Maryland, with Lieutenant Commander Frederick S. Blackadar, USNRF, in command. Assigned to the Naval Overseas Transportation Service, the USS Santa Clara arrived at Marseille on 15 November 1918, four days after the Armistice was signed, bringing 6,655 tons of general cargo. After returning to Baltimore on 24 December 1918, USS Santa Clara was transferred, on 18 January 1919, to the Cruiser and Transport Force of the Atlantic Fleet. After overhaul, USS Santa Clara departed New York, on 23 March 1919, for the first of four post-war voyages to Europe returning troops to the United States from the war zone. Operating from New York, Santa Clara called at Brest, Bordeaux, Saint-Nazaire, and Pauillac, France, before completing her last voyage at Brooklyn on 3 August 1919. The following day, she was transferred from the Atlantic Fleet to the Third Naval District. USS Santa Clara was decommissioned on 19 August 1919 at New York and simultaneously returned to her owner. Post WWI, Captain Blackadar continued to serve as a sea Captain. He retired in 1946. Frederick Smith Blackadar died in 1958 in Sandy Cove, NS.
Frederick Smith Blackadar
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With her upper deck crowded with troops, as she arrives in New York Harbor after a voyage from France, circa April-August 1919. A U.S. Army tug is alongside Santa Clara. (U.S. Navy photo NH 43137)
Frederick S. Blackadar -1919