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TIME TO REMEMBER TRAGEDY AND TRIUMPH MEMORIES OF WORLD WAR II ACT 1 Scene 1 - Introduction Who Do You Think You Are Kidding Mr. Hitler? The World At War - Narration Scene 2 - When I Look Back Would I Ever Win Her Heart? - Reflection Moonlight Serenade Scene 3 - Telegraphist Air Gunners East Camp or Worthy Down All The Nice Girls Love A Sailor East Camp Song Nursie, Nursie Dance With A Dolly You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby Oh Johnny, Oh! Scene 4 - East Camp Don’t Fence Me In (A Tribute to The Swordfish) A Moment of Terror - Narration Left Behind Tragedy - Narration So Far away From Home Scene 5 - Canadian In England Creating An Illusion - Narration These British Folk! Bless ‘Em All But He Followed Us! Quartermaster’s Stores Kiss Me Goodnight Sergeant Major The First Thing They Asked For Scene 6 - The Channel Dash February 12, 1942 - Narration Through the Mist, It Began - Reflection A Tribute To Courage - Narration Danny Boy Scene 7 - Battles Over Brittain New Years Eve 1940 - Reflection It’s A Lovely Day Tomorrow Defending Britain - Narration Flying Fortresses Scene 8 - On The Homefront In Sydney, Australia - Reflection A Wartime Romance Anniversary Waltz When The Lights Go On Again (All Over The World) The Tall Blond Haired Drummer - Reflection Apple Blossom Time Lili Marlene What Am I Going to Do? Bell Bottom Trousers Don’t Sit Under The Apple Tree Scene 9 - Dunkirk The Little Ships Of Dunkirk - Narration I’ll Be Seeing You Scene 10 - Wings Over The Navy Off To The Pacific - Reflection Wings Over The Navy Pack Up Your Troubles It’s A Long Way To Tipperary ACT II Scene 1 - The Pub Don’t Dilly Dally (Follow The Van) Tavern In The Town Roll Out The Barrel Elmer’s Tune Be Like the Kettle And Sing Boomps-A-Daisy Take Me Back To Dear Old Blighty Cocoanuts Knees Up Mother Brown Scene 2 - 51 st Highland Division Remembered A Tribute To The 51 st Highlanders - Narration Loch Lomond Keep The Home Fires Burning Scene 3 - On Margate Promenade I’ll Pray For You Six Long Years of Waiting - Reflection When I Grow Too Old To Dream Scene 4 - On The Carrier Deck A-25 A Grinding of Metal Comin’ In On A Wing And A Prayer Scene 5 - Romance The Military - Everywhere You Turned Reflection A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square Red Sails In The Sunset Scene 6 - The Pacific Campaign Waltzing Matilda Attack at Palambang - Reflection And Narration Along The Road To Gundagai Scene 7 - Bomber Command Bomber Command - Reflection Scene 8 - Canadians In Europe Canadians on the Battlefront - Narration We’re Gonna Hang Out the Washing on the Seigfreid Line Mademoiselle From Armentieres Those D-Day Dodgers - Narration The D-Day Dodgers Scene 9 - Like The Girl Next Door Can You Tap In And Get The BBC Remembering The Woods Between Dover and Deal (1944) - Reflection The White Cliffs of Dover There’ll Always Be An England Scene 10 - The Finale Dashed Dreams - Reflection Yours The Letter Home - Reflection It’s Been A Long, Long Time Chattanooga Choo Choo A Final Tribute - Narration We’ll Meet Again Auld Lang Syne Wish Me Luck The End 440 Productions Association Remembering Our Wartime Heritage presents Tragedy and Triumph Memories of World War II An Evening of Wartime Songs and Stories Honouring Telegraphist Air Gunners 60 th Annual Memorial Weekend Telegraphist Air Gunners Association HMS Collingswood Portsmouth, England Saturday, May 19 th 2007
Tragedy and Triumph - Memories of World War II The 2007 British Time To Remember Performance Tour (Wartime Heritage Association - 440 Productions) The video was recorded at the Astor Theatre Arts Centre, Stanhope Road, Deal, Kent, England May 21,2007 The performance was sponsored by the Royal British Legion Downs Branch Tragedy and Triumph - Memories of World War II, was also performed on Saturday, May 19, 2007 as a Special Tribute to the Telegraphist Air Gunners at the 60th Memorial Weekend of the Telegraphist Air Gunners Association Commemorating their Diamond Jubilee at HMS Collingwood, in the Senior Ratings Mess Fareham, Hampshire, England. The performance contains many stories of the Telegraphist Air Gunners, their training in Yarmouth and their wartime experiences as told through reflections, narration and songs. Read about the writing of the script To the left below is the Performance Program; those stories and songs relating to Telegraphist Air Gunners are highlighted.
THE CAST JASON DALTON (Airman) MICHAEL HANF (John Woodruff, Army Sergeant) TYLER D’ENTREMONT (William McRae, Telegraphist Air Gunner) DANIELLE NICKERSON (Joyce Mavis McRae) CHRIS JOHNSON (Ken Davies, Don Bunce, (Denny Vaughan, Telegraphist Air Gunner) JULIAN DEASE (Eric May, Malcolm Clarke, Telegraphist Air Gunner) BARBARA BRITTAIN KASEY FORBES (Wilbert Billard, Canadian Soldier) KATHLEEN WALLIS MICHAEL GORMAN (Bill West, Eddie Morten, Telegraphist Air Gunner) PRODUCTION AND STAGING TARA EGAN (Pianist) JONATHAN KILLAM (Stage Manager/Cameraman) MATTHEW CLAIRMONT (Production Assistant/ Cameraman) PRODUCTION AND MANAGEMENT BETH DALTON (Producer) GLEN GAUDET (Projects/Tour Manager) GEORGE EGAN (Director/Narrator)
Message From the Mayor of Deal On behalf of the residents of Deal I welcome the return of our young Canadian friends. Deal’s motto is “Welcome the Stranger” but these young people are no strangers to our shores. It is always good to forge bonds between nations and between groups and our Nova Scotian friends have fostered the connection between our two countries with great enthusiasm and charm. Unless we remember the lessons of history we are destined to repeat our mistakes. ‘Tragedy and Triumph’ will keep the memory fresh and the productions of 440 will make us aware of our responsibilities for the future. This is the 15th Anniversary of 440 Productions as they remember wartime heritage. Tragedy and Triumph is the third production in the ‘Time to Remember’ international performance series and for these young people the third year of performances in Deal since 2004. We have enjoyed their productions in the past and look forward to this year’s performance as no exception. My thanks also go to the Royal British Legion Downs Branch for hosting this event at the Astor Theatre on May 21st, 2007. I wish all an enjoyable evening. Yours truly, Councillor Jim Cronk Mayor of Deal May, 2007
From the Director The stories portrayed in our 2006-07 stage production, Tragedy and Triumph – Memories of World War II are real. They come from Veterans, war brides, and others who lived through the years of World War II. Some of the people whose personal recollections supplied material for the script will be in our audiences watching as their anecdotes are dramatized. Others, who did not survive the war, will come to our stage presentation through research and the memories of their friends. Although the Time to Remember series of stage productions has its serious aspects, our hope is to bring a smile to the lips and a gleam of recognition to the eye. If you were "there" in the Forties, you may well catch a glimpse of some part of your own life portrayed by our actors on stage. If you are of recent vintage, you may gain deeper insight into "the way it was" during wartime. George Egan
Remembering the Telegraphist Air Gunners