Remembering the Telegraphist Air Gunners
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Telegraphist Air Gunners - Casualties Telegraphist Air Gunners (TAGS) operated in Fleet Air Arm aircraft from 1922, under the Royal Air Force's Fleet Air Arm. The very last Telegraphist Air Gunner served as such until 1950, providing communications by Morse code and manning the rear gun of the aircraft. 3,000 TAGS were trained in the branches over a 28 year life span. 495 Telegraphist Air Gunners were lost through enemy action and/or flying accidents. 69 Telegraphist Air Gunners became Prisoners of War. Most Telegraphist Air Gunners served only for the period of World War II returning to their civilian occupations in 1945 - 1946. Telegraphist Air Gunner Casualties (excluding non fighting accidents) Pre War 17 Accidents Wartime 269 accidents 186 enemy action Total = 445 Post War 31 accidents 2 enemy action Total = 33 Source: