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October 23, 1952 - Hill 355 "Little Gibraltar" South Korea In 1951 the two sides established defensive positions around the 38th parallel. Canadians were often deployed on or near Hill 355, named by the military as it was 355 metres above sea level. The Hill, located about 40 kilometres north of Seoul, was known as “Kowang San” to the Koreans and was nicknamed ”Little Gibraltar” by UN troops because of its prominent size and many defensive positions. It was the highest ground overlooking the surrounding front lines and supply routes and thus of strategic importance and the scene of fierce combat. On October 23, 1952 the Royal Canadian Regiment, stationed on the hill since early September, came under heavy artillery attack and a Chinese assault by a large raid against the Canadian positions. Some of the Canadians were forced to abandon their defensive positions. The UN forces counter-attacked and the Chinese withdrew. The Canadians succeeded in reoccupying the position in the early hours of October 24. Among the 18 Canadians killed, were four soldiers with connection to Nova Scotia with the 1st Battalion, Royal Canadian Regiment. Thirty-five Canadians were wounded and fourteen were taken as prisoners. Private William Dawson Private John Walter Hilton Private Angus Weldon McInnis Private Charles J Morrison
Sources: Top Photo - Credit: Canada. Department of National Defence / Library and Archives Canada Veterans Affairs Canada Additional Information: Video: Hill 355
Hill 355 "Little Gibraltar" South Korea
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