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Remembering the Korean War
May 2-3, 1953 - Hill 187 South Korea The 3rd Battalion of the Royal Canadian Regiment took over the Jamestown Line on Hill 187, where it fought one of the last engagements before the armistice in 1953. Most of the soldiers in the Battalion had only arrived in Korea weeks earlier. The battle lasted for two days and was the worst engagement of the entire war for the Royal Canadian Regiment. On May 2 and May 3, the Regiment came under enemy shellfire and wave upon wave of assaults on their positions. Able Company was on a patrol, led by Lieutenant Meynell, and walked into some 400 Chinese assault troops that were headed to assault Hill 187. Bursts of gunfire, the staccato sound of a Sten gun, and grenades were heard during the encounter. The Battalion was overrun by Chinese forces and suffered the heaviest casualties in any one battle in the war. Thirty-three soldiers were killed, including six Nova Scotia solders. Forty-one solders were wounded and eleven were missing in action or taken prisoner. Private Michael Paul Chiasson Private James Joseph Christoff Corporal Douglas Harold Richard MacLean Lieutenant Gerard Balfour Meynell Private Lloyd Stanley Roach Corporal Roger Byron Schoultz
Hill 187 South Korea