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Yarmouth - Wartime History RCAF Station Yarmouth The Planes of RCAF Station Yarmouth East Camp and West Camp (From the Air to Destroy the Beast) (photo courtesy Yarmouth County Museum and Archives) Hundreds of planes flew from RCAF Station Yarmouth Nova Scotia during World War II. The following is a photo list of these planes. Seamew Mk I Seamews (SO3C) served with No. 744 Naval Air Squadron and No. 745 Naval Air Station at RCAF Yarmouth. The planes were ordered by the Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm under Lend- Lease. Deliveries to the Royal Navy started in January 1944. The planes were declared obsolete in September 1944. Avro Anson Mk I The Anson Mk I were transferred from the RCAF to Squadrons 744 and 745 in 1943. The primary role was Telegraphic Air Gunner training and communications. Lockheed Vega Ventura Mk.1 The Lockheed Vega Ventura Mk. Iwas assigned to No.34 Operational Training Unit. No 34 OTU was transferred to RCAF Station Pennfield Ridge, New Brunswick. Supermarine Walrus The Walrus aircraft were used in Canada by the RCAF and at Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm No. 1 Naval Air Gunners School (RCAF Station Yarmouth) Swordfish The Swordfish was used by Squadrons 743, 744 and 745 No 1 TAG School (East Camp) for training Telegraphist Air Gunners in communications and gunnery. Mk XII Hurricanes Canadian-built (by Canadian Car and Foundry) Hurricane Mk. XII’s were used in the training of TAGs (Telegraphist/Air Gunners) East Camp Lysander The Lysander (East Camp) flew as an army cooperation flight Lockheed Hudson The Lockheed Hudson was used by RCAF Coastal Command anti-sub operations. West Camp Canso The Cansos were flown by 162 Squadron RCAF (West Camp) and used for anti-submarine patrols. This Canso photo was taken at RCAF Station Yarmouth NS in 1943 by Roy Jameison, a ground crew technician with 162 (BR) Squadron. The Bolingbroke The Bolingbrokes (the Canadian version of the RAF Bristol Blenheim Mark IV) were constructed for the RCAF by Fairchild Canada in Longueuil, Quebec. The planes were used for coastal patrol against German U-boats. Liberator Used for coastal patrol (West Camp)
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