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“ … At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them …” The small town of Yarmouth, and the villages of the Municipality of Yarmouth, NS, located in the south western part of Nova Scotia was very much a part of the wartime contribution between 1939 and 1945. Within the area were, #60 Canadian Infantry Basic Training Centre, located on Parade Street, within the town. An airport was constructed for RCAF Station Yarmouth consisting of West Camp (RCAF) and East Camp (Fleet Air Arm Royal Navy). East Camp was the only training facility for Telegraphic Air Gunners of the Fleet Air Arm, Royal Navy outside of the United Kingdom. No. 21 Radar Detachment, was located at Plymouth, and No. 3 Radar Detachment, was located at Tusket, both in Yarmouth County. Thousands of young men and women were stationed at the various military facilities, some for training, others assigned for ongoing military service at Camp 60, RCAF Station Yarmouth, the related Radar Detachments and the Royal Navy. After seventy-five years there is little to remind the local population of the area, of Yarmouth’s wartime contribution. There are war monuments throughout the area, and one can walk through the local cemeteries and find Veteran war graves. The Legions hold Memorial Services to remember those who gave their lives in the service of the Country and to honour those Veterans who served. The buildings and military facilities are for the most part gone. What remains, concrete platforms of the air and radar bases, a few of the H-huts at Camp 60 no longer remind one of the war years. And what of those who served and gave their lives? Who were these men and women with connections to Yarmouth Town and County during the war years. At Remembrance Services one hears the words: “ … At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them …” The War Monument in Yarmouth lists one hundred and seventeen (117) names of men and women from Yarmouth Town and County who lost their lives during World War II. Wartime Heritage research has determined that some additional 77 names are missing from the World War II list on the Monument, each meeting a criteria similar to names listed. With many hundreds trained at Yarmouth’s Camp 60 there were Nova Scotia casualties among those trained, stationed, or enlisted in Yarmouth, and relatives of county residents, not born or having lived in Yarmouth. There were fifty-seven (57) fatal casualties of the Royal Canadian Air Force and Fleet Air Arm Royal Navy who served at RCAF Station Yarmouth and No. 3 Detachment Station, Tusket, during WWII. While our research continues, Remembrance Pages for these men and women can be found using the following web links on the Wartime Heritage Website. Yarmouth, Nova Scotia - WWI Casualties Yarmouth, Nova Scotia - WWII Casualties Casualties - RCAF Station Yarmouth East Camp - West Camp No. 3 Radio Detachment Station, Tusket Casualties of those Trained or Stationed in Yarmouth and Relatives of Yarmouth Residents
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Yarmouth’s Wartime History (1939-1945)