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CURRENT INITIATIVES (2014 - 2018) RESEARCH     Wartime Heritage is undertaking the following research: - The Yarmouth Connection to World War I, World War II and the Korean War - World War I, World War II, and Korean War casualties from Yarmouth County, the Province of Nova Scotia, and Canada. - Telegraphist Air Gunners (Fleet Air Arm Royal Navy) - Preparation of stories and articles relating to World War I, World War II and the Korean War   Research is undertaken by individual Association members.    WEBSITE ( - Maintenance and development of this website to record research material. - By December of 1917, some 1,145 pages of individual remembrance pages, stories and articles, have been created in remembrance of   those who served and those who died during the war years.  YouTube Site   Presentation of selected material from our previous stage and video productions. FACEBOOK ( WARTIME HERITAGE ASSOCIATION) Postings of news article links, photos, and stories relating to the war years. Maintenance of a Research Archive The Association maintains an archive of war related research, articles, and artefacts.   PREVIOUS INITIATIVES (1993 - 2016) PUBLIC PRESENTATIONS (440 PRODUCTIONS) Wartime Heritage produced live presentations of the stories, music, and songs of WWII in partnership with Royal Canadian Legion and Royal British Legion branches, Veterans organisations, community theatres and art centres as far back as 1992. Between 2004 and 2009, stage productions have been presented as part of the Association's Time to Remember Performance Tour Series. The Association presented its newest 440 Productions musical, Echoes of the Forties - Songs and Stories of a Wartime Generation with six performances across Nova Scotia in 2008. RESEARCH AND EDUCATION Wartime Heritage completed research of World War II Veteran participation during the war years. This research was undertaken by individual Association members, and by young people through Wartime Heritage Projects in partnership with the Yarmouth Consolidated Memorial High School. REMEMBRANCE EVENTS and INITIATIVES The VETERANS RETURN initiative coordinated visits to host Veterans and their families who wish to visit Nova Scotia; allowing WWII Veterans to visit the sites on which they served in wartime. Since 2005, the Association hosted 9 visitors from Australia and the UK.   The following Second World War Veterans and their families have taken part in Veterans Return: - WWII Veteran Eric May visited Yarmouth in September 2005           - Read the news item, “Fallen Comrades Remembered 61 Years Later” regarding his visit. (link will open in a new window or tab) - Marilynne Darroch, Annette Moulds and Judi Trent (WWII Veteran Bill West’s daughters) visited Yarmouth in October 2008             Read the news item, “Following in their father's footsteps” regarding their visit. (link will open in a new window or tab) - WWII Veteran Leslie Hodges visit Yarmouth in August 2011             Read the news item, “British East Camp Veteran returns to Yarmouth” regarding his visit. - Raymond and Eileen Jacks (WWII Veteran Leading Air Mechanic William Jacks’ son and daughter) visited Halifax and Yarmouth in June 2016 Wartime Heritage members also participated in various public and private Remembrance Services both in Canada and England. - Wreaths were laid by Wartime Heritage in Nova Scotia, at various Remembrance Day Ceremonies on November 11th.  In England, wreaths were laid on behalf of Wartime Heritage by members of the Royal British Legion Downs Branch at Remembering Sunday services. - In 2009, the Association restored the Commemorative Bench at the East and West Camp WWII Memorial in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia to commemorate the Centenary of Naval Aviation - Fly Navy 100 (December 2007 marks the 65th Anniversary of the arrival of the first Telegraphist Air Gunners at East Camp, RCAF Station Yarmouth, in 1944).   WAR EXHIBITS AND DISPLAYS   Wartime Heritage presented public war exhibits and displays. - November 2014 - September 2015 - Wartime Heritage WWI  Exhibit at the Yarmouth Mall. - November 2014 - Wartime Heritage Exhibit at the Yarmouth Consolidated Memorial High School - November 2010 - February 2014 Wartime Heritage Exhibit at the Yarmouth International Airport. - The Association mounted displays annually at the Yarmouth Consolidated Memorial High School during Remembrance Week. - From March - June 2008, the Association presented a new Wartime Heritage Exhibit at the Yarmouth Mall.     CD and DVD PRODUCTION   Wartime Heritage produced wartime music and video presentations.
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